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  1. Canadian Jatti ji, Do you think whatever she was doing you can call it sikh way of life? Where do you see her following Sikh way of life? Just because she was born in sikh family doesn't make her pure sikh? Then howcome she can deserve Sikh values and equality? Can you get senior citizen rights? without getting old? Can you get rights to fly Airplane without having license? If you anwser is "no" to above questions then howcome she can get rights of sikhism? When she was not following sikh way of life? Where in sikhism it says that date a guy behind your parents back? Wher
  2. Sikhism and God In Sikhism, God is worshipped in two forms: the absolute and the personal. Sikhs believe there is a one and only absolute God with an authentic name. This Absolute God is creator in spirit, without fear, without hate, beyond time, beyond transmigration, self-existent, and can be realized with the pleasure of a true guru. Sikhs believe that before there was matter, the Absolute God was everywhere, alone in a profound trance. When the Absolute God so intended, the universe was created. In Sikhism, this is deemed the personal form of the Absolute God.
  3. I see lack of references here. I would take it more seriously if you will provide references as well. Mahant gobind Das's information is based upon his extensive study of Udhasi texts of Baba Sri Chand's life and Udhasi traditions. Now here is the lack of references because you forgot mention those texts. References are from Adi Guru Granth Sahib the ones I have posted above. All the quotes are not in favour of asceticism and Udasi preach asceticism if im not mistaken. Now it can't be true that Gurus will go against their own teachings and views by making Sri Chand's asceticism
  4. source: http://www.sarbloh.info/htmls/sikh_udhasi.html My feedback is below: Sanatan sikhs website has the below information: How do we validate above information? - Below are the quotes of Adi Guru Granth sahib for Asceticism Source: http://allaboutsikhs.com/quotations/asceticism.htm What's your feedback on this Narsingha? Thanks!
  5. Let's start discussion on Akhand Kirtani Jatha as I see so many members on this site are curious to know about them. I would like to post their FAQs here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.akj.org.uk/faq/default.asp This section has been put up to help answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding the AKJ. Many questions are asked due to a genuine lack of knowledge regarding the AKJ, but some questions are asked after people have heard rumours or misinformation regarding the AKJ and its stance on a number of Pa
  6. Just an passage from a book (Sikhs in the Eighteenth Century: Their Struggle for Survival and Supremacy by Surjit Singh Gandhi) "During the period from the death of Guru Gobind Singh upto the last few decades (of the 1700s), there is not even a single example of a caste group asserting itself against another caste groups constituting Sikh society. The utterances and policies of Sikh leadership in the aforesaid period all point to the irrefutable conclusion that everything was decided by the Panth and for the Panth. The contribution of the Rangrettas or so-called low-caste people is as
  7. It was kind of crazy to see something like this online... :shock: :shock: So, i posted to get feedback. And don't worry im not offended at all because its not my invention...
  8. This link has the tree type explanation of Sikhism evolutions ... http://philtar.ucsm.ac.uk/encyclopedia/sikhism/
  9. Let's not assume things and we need to get real here. Im not offended though. And I guess nobody asked for apology either. We all have freedom of expression and you're using the right of expressing yourself but the only difference is that in every post you judge members by giving your ultimate conclusion without waiting for while. Let's see.... We can assume so many things in our life and they are not absolute the way you have written above. You have been using "maybe" so many times so you are not certain or sure about things you been saying so it should give yo
  10. canadian Jatt ji, Could you elaborate on the paragraph I have quoted? So we can understand your message? What kind of changes you think sikhism requires in order to make it compatible with 21st centuary? Once you do that then we will proceed further with this debate.
  11. Well, you are mistaken if you assume so about sikhism. Sikhism is path with spirit of saint+soldiers. Sikhism preaches simple rules of the life. Live family life and recite God's name. You don't need to go to jungle and sit there do bhagti and that's the best part of Sikhism. First of all, we have to be aware of this that there is no "our" punjabi media anymore. If one person is running punjabi media company whose parents are sikhs then it doesn't mean he will support sikhism. I tell you in simple words that business man wants to earn money for his investment and politician vot
  12. Sikhs, I would say that let's get real here and see the truth. Its heavy reading but it will bring the truth. How do people now view about Khalistan? http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/discussion....99?OpenDocument Guru Gobind singh ji & Khalistan?????? http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/discussion....CC?OpenDocument Khalistan http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/discussion....9C?OpenDocument Zia never supported ‘Khalistan’ http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/discussion....CA?OpenDocument Sikh Nationalism " common sikhs view" http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhne
  13. What does research say about him? Was he life-long companion of Guru Nanak Dev ji? I don't see any reference of him in Guru ji's Bani but gurus did mention Bhai Mardana ji. What's the truth?
  14. I have been hearing a lot about "Ramgariah Gurudwaras" these days, so I would like to know about history of these Gurudwaras. I know whenever there are Gurdwaras based on community names then there is 100% politics involved behind it but I have searched the whole net and couldn't find anything relevent information to come to any conclusion. Any feedback on the origin of Ramgariah Gurudwaras?
  15. Khalsa panth was established in Guru Gobind singh ji's time and if I go by above posts then all those died for sikhism like Guru Arjun Dev ji, Bhai Taru ji, Bhai Mati Das ji, Bhai Sati Das ji, Guru Tegh Bhadhur ji and others were not Khalsa either but they prefered to die than cutting their hair. They would have gotten huge houses and 4-5 women slaves to have fun. 2. Sikh is learner without any destination? They have destination to become proper "Gursikh" not just be a learner for his whole life. Sikhism is same as university where you learn about religion and then pass the test and ulti
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