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Tabla Master - Bhai Joginder Singh

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This Singh is simply amazing.

(by Cooljit)

Bhai Joginder Singh was born on 19th December 1972 to a family with no music background. At the young age of seven, Joginder Singh witnessed the Kirtan (spiritual music) of Sant Baba Bachittar Singh Ji. He was deeply affected by the Kirtan and begged his parents to take him to the Saint and let him stay at the established boarding school there. Here, Joginder Singh learnt many things. He learnt singing under the guidance of Ustad Bisakha Singh, Pakhavaj under the guidance of Ustad Prem Singh and Tabla under the guidance of Ustad Hardit Singh. As the musical training continued, Joginder Singh was also taught the Sikh spiritual principles of Seva (selfless work) and Simran (meditation), under the guidance of Sant Baba Bachittar Singh. In his locality Joginder Singh became renowned for his amazing ability to learn music quickly and play them with accuracy and speed. Within a few years, Joginder Singh was performing on stage and at the age of 14 he had learnt all that his teachers could give. His tabla teacher Ustad Hardit Singh told him that he had given him all the knowledge he possessed and now it was time for Joginder to go to the best tabla player in India at the time, Ustad Alla Rakha, father of Ustad Zakir Hussain. Therefore in 1985 after taking leave from his spiritual master, Joginder Singh left Jammu and went to Bombay to seek for his new teacher. After much effort, Joginder Singh’s wish was fulfilled and from 1987 to 2000 he spent all of his time learning from Ustad Alla Rakha. After his Ustadji passed away, Bhai Joginder Singh left Bombay and moved to Delhi where he currently runs a school that teaches people of all ages and backgrounds Kirtan and Tabla. Over the years, Joginder Singh has developed his own style of tabla which pays due homage to his masters, yet is unique to itself. It truly has to be heard and seen to be appreciated. He has even been known to use his elbow, his knuckles and even the back of his hand in his tabla repertoire. His life to this day is a tribute to his amazing childhood and encompasses the tabla as a product of his life experience as a perpetual student, a spiritualist, and tabla master.

Here are some video's for you to enjoy.

Peshkaar -

Kaida -

Kaida 2 -

Kaida 3 -

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