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Epidural During Child Birth


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In this kalyug, our values and determination to help someone is diminshing at a rapid pace. We even don't care if our own children are suffering because we don't want to bear pain for our children. We always put ourselves first sometimes intentionally or sometimes un-intentionally. Sometimes, we are neither aware of what we are doing nor are willing to hear the facts (against our own understanding). We always think that we are educated.

These days, my sisters are not willing to bear the pain during her child's birth. I'm not against the pain-killers to reduce pain, but I am against the pain-killers in certain circumstances (in normal births) where the pain-killers are effecting the new borns.

Here in western world, doctors always ask do you want to take epidurals during your child's birth? And unfortunately the answer comes in positive. The doctors say that there are NO serious side-effects on either the mother or new born. But this is NOT full truth. Let's try to understand:

- The child in worm is connected to the mother with a cord. This cord is used to feed the child in worm.

- The Epidural causes the mother to loose control over the lower body WHILE the child is still in the worm.

- Is it possible that the strong epidural which causes an adult to loose control over her body will not effect the child which is still connected to mother's body through a cord in worm?? Think about it.

- All doctors agree that whatever mother takes does effect the child in worm, but still some doctors fail to agree that epidural will effect child in the worm.

Some of the facts are as follows:

- Hydrochloride is used in Epidural.

- Side-Effects on child: Weak Immune system which normally leads to eczema, asthma, low hearing and viewing power, and other infections at early age, and in very rare cases skin cancer, and various other problems like: Lot of heat is generated in the child's body.

- The first recorded use of an epidural was in 1885, when New York neurologist J. Leonard Corning injected cocaine into the back of a patient suffering from "spinal weakness and seminal incontinence."1 More than a century later, epidurals have become the most popular method of analgesia, or pain relief, in US birth rooms.

- A common intervention, epidurals are given to reduce pain during birth. But at what cost??

I have attached 3 articles from British Medical Formulary and other Doctors who have defined the problems of epidurals and also the side effects of hydrochloride drug which is one of drug used during epidural. So, kindly read them fully and decide yourself and help spreading the word.




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