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A Gurdwara In Memory Of Bhagat Kabir

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PATIALA – The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandak Committee will build a Gurdwara in Gorkhpur, Uttar Pardesh, in memory of Bhagat Kabir in a movement to create monuments of those Bhagats whose Bani is included in Guru Granth Sahib.

The plan was announced by committee president Avtar Singh at a news conference following a meeting of executive committee at Gurdwara Dukhniwaran Sahib. Singh said a five-member the committee was constituted for the purpose of purchasing land at the birthplace of Bhagat Kabir.

In other committee decisions, Avtar Singh said the committee appointed three new granthees for Darbar Sahib: Gyani Gurbax Singh of the United Kingdom, Gyani Jaspal Singh of Ludhiana and Gyani Mann Singh of Talwandi Sabo.

Avtar Singh said that the executive committee also decided to replace the automatic machine for making roti, installed near Guru Ram Das Langar, with a new machine that would prepare rotis without yeast.

Avtar Singh also said that a five-member committee had been formed to investigate the recent incident of burning of birs in village Taki of Jalandhar Cantt. The members are: Gyani Tarlochan Singh, Sukhdev Singh, Jarnail Singh and Gyani Rup Singh. An electrical expert will also be included with the group.

The executive committee will also request the state government to make provisions in law that would increases imprisonment for unauthorized printing of the Guru Granth Sahib from six months to three years. The committee must authorize all Guru Granth Sahib birs.

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