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Bristol Slavery Seminar: Saturday 27th June

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Commemorating the achievements of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur in establishing the 1st Khalsa Republic 300 years ago & inviting comparisons to the abolition of slavery in the UK, this seminar is a professional event that is not to be missed. As well as providing a thought-provoking platform for Sikh history, the seminar will be a great opportunity to meet and network with others interested in The Punjab and Sikhi. The event is now only 3 weeks away and tickets are selling out fast so visit www.thesikhway.com to find out more information and to book your place.

The Sikh Education Council has been working hard on issues of importance to Sikhs and humanity as a whole along the path of Guru Nanak, since the early 1980's and we fully understand that continuity and development are vital to this discourse. As you will read from our circular and website, this is the first event in a series to celebrate the tri-centenary of the 1st Khalsa Republic, so the seminar will be an excellent stepping stone for the coming years. We look forward to seeing you there.


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Our tenth Guru made it clear in the events of 1699 with the creation of the Khalsa. A society with equality between its members. Constitutionally, the Guru is not our 'king'.

Late reply but I hope you attended the seminar to understand. We have the next one of our series coming up in November, hope you can make it and share your views. :)

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