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The Khalsa Fauji Has Been Put Under Moderation


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After going through his post carefully and offensive remarks he used against sri dasam granth (thanks to singh2 for pointing it out). We have decided too put him under moderation for quality purposes until he improve his post, does not go -off-topics despite of dedicated threads for specific topics, until he starts posting full quotes from scriptures ie- full charitars instead of taking one or two line and taking cheap shots at them, until he stops making bold statements against compositions.

If he feels that somebody attacked his character personally, he should use a report function of this forum instead of retaliate back. We do acknowledge that there are some personal insults made towards him by other members, will edit them and action them accordingly. We asked others to show full restrain since he is been put under moderation.

Once all these recommendations are met then we will take him off from moderation. Normal turn around time to approve moderated message is 24 hrs as sevadars of this website have social life and families/job, if messages does not get approved within 24 hrs. He is urged to sent us a pm. We will action those posts as soon as possible.

Also just a reminder to everyone, please discuss the message/mindset not the messenger to avoid personal attacks.

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