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Writing Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Swaroop

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Guru roop sangat jeo, Guruji has given me hukam to write a swaroop of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I started writing without proper planning and now I feel stuck. I would like someone from the sangat to a proper, in-depth 'how-to' guide to writing Guruji's swaroop. In particular, I hope to get answers to the following queries:

1. What type of paper I should use? The idea is to have Angs of 1/4th A4 size paper each, as I do not have the skills/kirpa to write on regular sized paper.

2. What type of pen/nibs/ink is appropriate? I am hoping anyone with experience in calligraphy would be able to provide me with a proper answer. My experience with 30 or so Angs that I had previously written is that the akhar size has to be kept small, considering the size of each Ang. So, the nibs have to be fairly thin. Is copperplate calligraphy appropriate? This issue is very important as the whole look and readability/beauty of the swaroop rests on the choice of proper tools.

3. How to get the borders done? And from where? Does anyone know any printing press who could keep the maryada and print nice borders?

4. Is it alright to write with pencil first, then trace it over with pen and ink later?

5. How to get bind the Angs together? I have read a few binding articles, however I am not sure if 'perfect binding' is the answer in my case as that would 'eat up' (for the lack of words) words at the edges. Any help/links regarding this would be extremely helpful.

6. Can I put Ang numbers in a different colour?

These are some of the basic questions from the top of my head, please guide me if anyone has written swaroops/pothis before and thinks there are more issues to be taken care of.

I had posted regarding this on sikhsangat a while ago, but did not get much help so I am hoping someone here would show some interest and provide me with some answers. I am attaching a copy of the Ang from the old project with this post. I know the akhars are not particularly beautiful, and the uniformity in size/style is completely missing and apologise for that beadbi. I have since been practicing to improve the style, and with Guruji kirpa, am gettin better with each day so hopefully i wont be doing that kind of beadbi when I start writing again. Kindly support me in the initiative and guide me sangat jeo.


Prabhjot Singh Khalsa

Does it really matter?

You seem to be pursuing something with Love. Write with love my friend and you cannot be wrong!! :)

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