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Sehaj Paath Bhog - Taksal Maryada

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Dear Sangat,

When we are doing the Bhog of Sehaj Paath, I was reading that after RaagMalaa , Jagjee Sahib should be done as well:

How does this work?

Read Ragmalaa

Say Fateh (or is it said after reading Japjee Sahib?)

Read Japjee Sahib from Saroop or from memory/Gutka Sahib or does it matter?

What about Aartee Aartaa, I gues this is sung right after the Japjee Sahib is done?

What do we do with the Nareeal (coconut) after the bhog. I heard somewhere that if it has gone bad on the inside that the Paat has been succesfull? What happens if it is still good. Is it used as parshaad?? Pls provide guidance....

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This isn't just Taksali maryada, but the Maryada of most traditional Sampardas.

For Sehaj Paath: after Raag Mala, turn the Angs back and start Jap Ji Sahib. At the end of Jap Ji Sahib, say Fateh and do Ardas. If you're going to do Kirtan, then you can do Ardas after Kirtan. Aarti Aarta is usually the last part of Kirtan.

The nareeal should be disposed of in flowing water, not eaten.

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