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Gurudwaras For The Information Age


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Gurudwaras For The Information Age

By Kulpreet Singh

Thursday, March 27, 2003 - 03:53 AM EST

I was recently at a conference for Sikh youth and quite a few people were concerned that, in this day and age, we still have an epidemic of misinformation amongst our youth.

Given all the technology and resources available to Gurdwara prabhandaks around the world, you'd expect at the least that when you walk into a gurdwara you could be greeted by some explanatory signs about the basics of the gurdwara.

In attempt to appease the concerns of these youth, and to make up for the negligence by prabhandaks of their own gurdwara buildings, we should take it upon ourselves to provide this knowledge. Daas would like some information from sangat in order to create some general, carefully and correctly worded Gurmat-oriented signs that anybody around the world could take to their gurdwara and post on the wall for the convenience of the sangat.

On a local level, such a project may cost only less than US$2.00 for photocopying say six 11" x 17" sheets, and less than US$10.00 for their lamination. Even these figures might be high in certain areas. US$12 is not a high price to pay for working against ignorance and apathy towards the Gurdwara amongst English-speaking sangat.

The signs could be:

"What is the Khalsa Anand Karaj?"

"What is the Antam Sanskaar?"

"What is the Naam Karan?"

"What is the Amrit Sanskaar?"

"What is a Gurdwara?" (With information about Pangat & Sangat).

"What is Gurbani?" (With information about Guru Granth Sahib jee and the Hukamnama).

The sangat is requested for any further ideas for signs or any references for information about what can be put into these signs. Are signs such as these already in existence? If so, please inform in order to avoid duplication of resources. Hopefully, when these signs are finished they may be a shared resource on the internet.

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