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Build Up Serious Strength In Your Arms, Wrists And Fingers...

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I came upon this product in Maplins and bought it because the science so impressed me!

The makers claim it is one of the worlds most perfectly balanced instruments and powerful gyroscopes.

I have been using it for a few weeks now - and must say it is totally amazing!

Its ideal for martial arts (armed and unarmed practitioners), its great for musicians and drummers, its perfect (and already v-popular) amongst sportsmen/athletes, its recommended by Chiropractors and its excellent for anyone with arthritis, RSI or CTS when used at lower RPMs.

I always like to share whatever cool things I discover - and I whole heartedly recommend this - you will not be disappointed.


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Yes, go to the product section in the link provided.

My advice would be to go for the top notch model - this means you won't have to upgrade later when your strength has increased, plus it looks awesome! http://www.nsdball.com/shop/product_info.php?pid=9

If you go for the basic model which is hugely cheaper than the one above - make sure you get the one with digi-display thingy - its imperative to monitor you performance/progress.

Have fun!

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