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Kala Afghana And His Cronies


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Kala afghana hails from a Village Kala afghana in Gurdaspur. He joined police as a constable in Punjab police after attaining 8th grade education. His medium of instruction was urdu. He retired as a Sub-inspector after serving full time till retirement.

During militancy days he was deployed at darbar sahib Amritsar to spy on activities of Sant Bhindrewale. During attack on Golden Temple Sant ji was killed and kala afghna who pretended to be Sant ji's friend remained untouched. He was whisked away to Canada by making him to jump bail in a bribery and stealing case in which he had been convicted.

Till then he never wrote even one page of paper on any subject leave aside sikh theology. He was employed as a Granthi at Victoria, BC by unsuspecting

sikhs. there he made advances to a sikh bibi who was like his daughter. he was kicked out of that job. Gurudwara sahib committee did not take any action against him as they did not want good name of Gurudwara to be tarnished in public. Kala fghna was a rogue cop. very innocently he got a written paper from committeet hat there is non case against him. Later taking cover of that letter he sued Gurudwara sahib that he was falsely accused of misconduct. He lost the case and judge implicated him in case of moral turpitude.

Suddenly books started appearing in his name one after the other . In all 10 books came in the market in a period of 5 years. It was a very big work that needed about 40 people on full time basis. His main thrust of attack was on dasam granth sahib and he writes that Guru Gobind singh did not write any bani at all.The purpose of his writing were to confuse sikhs and take them away from Amrit of Guru Gobind singh ji.

While kala afghhna has been marginalized as Sikhs ignored his books and he was excommuicated. But there are some of his staunch chelas who keep on surfacing from time to time to misguide sikhs. For them kala afghana's blasphemy against dasam granth is justified. For them kala afghana is a neo Guru.

Sangat is requseted to contribute their views about this heretic so that he and his backers are exposed as supporters include many unknown faces such as owner of globalsikhstuides site who is continuously sihs by writing lies on his website.

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