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Saint Baba Narain Singh Ji (nanaksar)


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His Holiness Saint Baba Narain Singh Ji Maharaj came in to contact for the first time with His Holiness Saint Baba Ishar Singh Ji Maharaj in 1950. He had already sipped 'Amrit' (nector) that is, undergone baptism at the hands of Nihang Singhs. He saw Baba Ishar Singh Ji Maharaj for the first time at Shri Hazoor Sahib. When Baba Narain Singh Ji learnt that Baba Ishar Singh Ji Maharaj had come to Hazoor Sahib, he prepared 'missa parshada' (bread of gram flour) with his own hands and took it to Baba Ishar Singh Ji and prayed to him to accept it. Baba Ishar Singh Ji asked," O Nihang Singh ! where have you brought, this meal from?". Baba Narain Singh Ji answered,"Baba Ji, your slave has prepared it with his own hands with full care for cleanliness & purity." Then Baba Ji took his meal. He ate and returned ¼ of the food to Baba Narain Singh Ji & expressed great pleasure.

Second time Baba Narain Singh Ji met Baba Ishar Singh Ji at the village Jhourran. Baba Ishar Singh Ji declared in the congregation ,” Many people come to us with minds made up to stay here permanently, but later seeing the weakness of those who already reside with us, change their minds. If you want to test anybody here , test me ." Baba Ishar Singh Ji said these words thumping his chest with his hand. Again he observed , " Whatever you have , hand it over to Him-your body, mind and earthly belongings; and accept from Him whatever He gives for food, whatever he gives for clothing- leave all other irrelevant considerations." Baba Narain Singh Ji remarks that on that day Baba Ishar Singh Ji highly attracted their mind and changed their outlook and he (Baba Narain Singh Ji) began to live with Baba Ishar Singh Ji. After some time at the request of the Sangat , Baba Ishar Singh Ji came to Nanaksar (Jagraon) and Baba Narain Singh Ji accompanied him. Baba Narain Singh Ji also resided with Baba Bawa Singh Ji. The water of Nanaksar (Jagraon) did not suit Baba Ishar Singh Ji; and the doctors instructed him to drink water of Jhourran only. At it, Baba Ishar Singh Ji ordered minister Harchand Singh to send him some strong and robust attendant who could fetch water daily from Jhourran to Jagraon observing full purity and cleanliness. Minister Harchand Singh talked to Baba Narain Singh Ji about this service. The latter accepted this duty to fetch a Gagar i.e. a brass pitcher of water daily from Jhourran village to Nanaksar (Jagraon).He gave his attendance before Baba Ishar Singh Ji and submitted that Bhai Narain Singh ,whom Baba Ishar Singh Ji himself had given this name and who belong to village Manuke would daily come and perform this duty of bringing a pitcher of water from Jhourran. It highly pleased Baba Ishar Singh Ji and he observed that he too wished only this thing. Accordingly, Baba Narain Singh Ji daily covered a distance of 24 km. from Nanaksar (Jagraon) to Jhourran and fetched a Gagar ( a brass pitcher) containing approx. 40 Kgs of water back to Nanaksar (Jagraon) at about 1-2 A.M.

A few days later Baba Ishar Singh Ji sent for Baba Narain Singh Ji and asked ," Was it you, that had brought parshada (meal) for me at Hazoor Sahib?" The latter said," Yes My Lord." At it , Baba Ishar Singh Ji observed," While returning from Jhourran , bring from your home at Manuke , five loaves of bread daily.They should be similar to those you offered us at Shri Hazoor Sahib; they were very tasty. I shall eat them myself as well as make an offering of them to Baba Ji (Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji). "At the same time Baba Ishar Singh Ji thumped Baba Narain Singh Ji's back cheerfully. During the construction work of the Gurudwara at Nanaksar (Jagraon), Baba Narain Singh Ji rendered the service of carrying mashak of water to the upper storeyes to pour it on the lanter as well as to wet the dry walls of building. At that time there was no provision for an electric motors and there were only wells. From morning till evening, he rendered the service of carrying water from the well in leather sacks and at night he would take a brass pitcher to Jhourran to fetch drinking water for Baba Ishar Singh Ji.

One day as Baba Narain Singh Ji was coming with the brass pitcher . When on the bridge of the canal near village Dallah a dog touched his cloak. It struck Baba Narain Singh Ji that that water was no longer pure for the use of Baba Ishar Singh Ji. So Baba Narain Singh Ji went back to Jhourran, washed his "Keshas"(hair on the head) and his cloak and put it on his person in the same wet state in that bitter cold month of December-January, and returned in the same state to Nanaksar with the pitcher of water on his head. There Baba Ishar Ji was already awaiting him standing(near the place where is now built a spot called "Gagarsar". Baba Ishar Singh Ji himself took the pitcher from Baba Narain Singh Ji and placed it on his head. He handed him his "Safa Jung (scepter of authority) and said,"Follow me". Entering the room, Baba Ishar Singh Ji placed the pitcher on the ground and took Baba Narain Singh Ji in his tight embrace with affection. He then said,"Revered saint, from today your service is over. It has reached its fulfillment. From today, you are not to fetch the brass pitcher of water. Now the water of this place suits my body. From today you are to remain in my presence”.

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Wow what an amazing experiance, Its amazing some of the sakhis we here of the Nanaksar Mahpursh simply mind blow,Thank You for Posting, i have read this at a time where for some odd reason my faith is being tested and im swinging from side to side but this has assured my confidence back into my sikhi.. thank you once again

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