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New Info On Air India Tragedy


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taken from : sikhsangat

Facts to date:

1 Talwinder Singh Parmar is widely considered by Canadian and other objective investigators as the mastermind behind the 1985 Air India bombing.

2 Despite these allegations, Parmar was given a special visa by India and quietly returned to India, while Canadian authorities were actively investigating the mass crime.

3 Shortly thereafter, the Indian government announced that Parmar was killed by the Indian police in "an encounter".

4 The Canadian government asked for an autopsy report. The Indians refused, citing that it was an "internal matter". To date, they have provided no proof.

5 The new book (describe hereinunder) gives further evidence that Parmar was working hand-in-glove with Indian operatives.

6 Parmar was not the only Indian operative functioning thus in North America. General Bhuller, who suddenly surfaced in North America alongwith Parmar shortly after June 1984, founded the World Sikh Organization ("WSO"), made repeated incendiary and sensational statements against India ... but made sure the WSO did nothing meaningful. He was later "withdrawn" to India and the government authorities publicly acknowledged that he was an Indian operative.

7 General Bhuller was then sent to do similar "work" amongst the Tamils in South India and Sri Lanka. Not long thereafter, the Tamils avenged the government meddling by assassinating Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.


Shocking revelations are made in a new book to be released next week, authored by former Canadian intelligence officer Michel Juneau-Katsuya and Montreal investigative journalist Fabrice de Pierrebourg.

Juneau-Katsuya spent more than two decades with the RCMP Security Service and Canadian Security Intelligence Service. De Pierrebourg specializes in security and intelligence issues and authored the 2008 bestseller Montrealistan ...

Over 371 pages, the pair expose an astonishing parade of spy-vs.-spy and espionage stories, from Russian post-Cold War escapades to allegations of India's suspected involvement in the 1985 Air India disaster ...

Talwinder Singh Parmar who is widely named as the mastermind of the 1985 Air India bombing, may actually have been an agent provocateur dispatched by the Indian secret service to work undercover inside Canada's "Little Punjab" community, the book alleges.

"This hypothesis comes from one of our sources," write the authors. The source claims CSIS intercepted a conversation in which Davinder Ahluwalia, then India's consul in Toronto, asked a contact in the Sikh community to arrange a meeting with the late Parmar.

"Ahluwalia's office was bugged, and the alleged conversation took place several months before the bombing. So, a highly-placed diplomat tried to arrange a meeting with a man considered to be Terrorist Number One. This same Ahluwalia had also been repeatedly approached by the Central Intelligence Agency ... because they wanted him to become their mole in Iran." ...

Many countries "send agents to Canada to report on the behaviour of their emigrant community. Some instruct agents to occasionally silence dissident voices. There have been assassinations." Juneau-Katsuya elaborated in an interview last Friday.

"There were very, very strong suspicions that in the Iranian community and the Sikh community and even in the Tamil community, (that) there have been assassinations that took place. (They) were investigated as crimes, but we know that they took place" for political reasons.


[Courtesy: The Ottawa Citizen]

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