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Guru Gobind Singh Ji'S Darbaar


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short description of maharajs darbar from the historical book , panth prakhash written by rattan singh bhangoo (written in 1809)



When Satguru Guru Gobind Singh proceeded towards the South (Deccan),

There la a seat of Saint Dadu at Dadu Duar on the wa

The Guru put up his camp at the spot of Dadu Duar,

Along with the force of five to seven thousand Singh followers. (1)


It was marked by beating of drums and unfurling of Khalsa Flags,

And a loud recitation of Gurbani without any kind of fear.

The Guru's Singhs were heard reciting "Chandi Chritar" and "Chandi di Vaar",

As well as the recitation of Guru's composition, "Akal Ustat" (2)

This recitation created an environment of soothing rain in mid June,

And crocking of frogs out of joy during monsoon rains.

And the cooing and dancing of peakocks at the sight of thundering dark clouds,

Such was the ambience created by the recitation of Gurbani by the Singhs. (3)


Some Singhs were seen reading and reciting scriptures in one corner,

While a few others were foud reciting the Guru's compostition "Sri Mukhvak",

At another spot, a few Singhs were singing Gurbani to the accompaniment of Rabab,

Which created an atmosphere of God Indira's majestic Divine Court. (4)


If a melody of trinkets, percussion and water stringed instruments emanated from oneside,

The sound of double percussion and string instruments was heard from the other side.

If a perfect melody produced by a wind instrument ws reverberating from one place,

The delightful melody by string instruments was audible from another direction.

As if it was the creation of mythological gods like Yaksha, Kinnar, and Narda.

Combined harmoniously with hte musical compositions of Tomar and ulook.

Such was the spendour and majesty of the Guru's Divine Musical concerts,

That even God Indira would feel envious of the Guru's Divine presence. (5)


While some devoted Singhs touched Guru's feet out of reverence,

Other beseeched the Guru to set up a camp nearby,

Some others burnt incense sticks and circled around the Guru,

As the stars revolved round the polestar at night. (6)

Some prostrated themselves before the Guru out of veneration,

As the gods are believed to prostrate before Chief of gods Indira.

Some stood as still in Guru's service while sheltering Guru's head with a canopy,

As a planted tree stood still and steady on the earth. (7)

They kept standing around the Guru like permanently fixed poles,

Even in the midst of scorching heat and blistering winds. (8)


Guru's Khalsa's standards shone like a brilliantly shining sun,

Likewise shone the sparkling majestic waving hand fans.

The canopy over Guru's head sheltered his face like a dark cloud,

Under a vast outstreched tent like a thick huge cloud. (9)

The Guru sat on his royal throne like the God Indira,

Armed with weapons like the mighty Indira with his bow.

The flywisk was being waved around his majestic face,

As if a peacock was dancing in joyful delight. (10)

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Beautiful, thanks for sharing Veer ji.

This description of the kirtan is awe-inspiring, how many people can say they have seen a kirtan darbar whose talent, beauty, aesthetic, art and devotion rivals that of the above description.... how far removed we have become..

Every darbar of the Guru should be bristling with the very form of the 10th Master - a plethora of weapons to forge the Gurus Bir Ras and should also be beautified with the most beautiful high level instruments and kirtan to invoke Atamik Ras (and a little sophisticated Kan Ras to keep the appreciative intellect happy, lol).

Interesting mention of Sant Dadu (of Dadu Panthi fame?), I think he is also mentioned in Amarnama and Tvarikh Guru Khalsa.. warning the Guru of the powerful Sadhu Madho Das.. the replies Guru gives to Sant Dadu are wonderful.

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