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Sikhawareness Camp In Uk


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Realisticly speaking, in order to hold a real life Sikhawareness Camp, we need sponsors to rent us space free to hold an camp along with sponsors those who cannot pay airline ticket to UK. I think camp organizers can shed more light on- what is it take to hold an full-scale Sikhi Camp? They will tell you.

It's an excellent idea but bit unrealistic at the moment. Since Sikhawareness does not have in base in UK or financial structure to afford an camp, more affordable option be an joint effort to hold an camp with Sikhi camp/BOSS camp that occurs every year in UK. Obviously the first thing would be to see if policies of Sikhawareness matches policies of other camps when it comes to what can be or can't be discussed in the camp.

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Sorry when i said camp i did'n mean a camp in the sense that we have Khalsa Camp, BOSS camp etc. I just meant like a weekend where we meet each other in a Gurdwara, have some activities (lectures on sikhi, Gurbani paath (Dasam and Guru Granth), maybe an introduction to Shaster Vidiya, Lectures by Tsingh or others etc. Nothing big nothing expensive

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