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Giani Sawinder Singh

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Watch Giani Sawinder singh about chritropakhayan ( Anup Kaur)he recons it is belong to Guru Gobind singh ji, Is He telling the Truth?


Dasam Granth is a complex Granth. The subject charitras 21,22 and 23 are from Chariropakhayan. Pakhayan means stories that come out from existing stories.In other words these are stories that already exist in skelton form and are being retold.

In the beginning of charitropakhayan Guru sahib writes " Ath sri charitopakhayan likhayte" (Now i am writing character stories that are already exsiting.")

The second most important thing to know is that these stories are being recited to a King Chittar singh of an ancient era by his minister. That is obvious when one reads charitra two.So it has nothing to do with Guru period.Hence it is a mistake to connect these to Guru sahib's life.

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