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Skype Amritvela


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Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

Guru Roop Sadh Sangatji,

We are going to start a daily sadh sangat simran meet on Skype. If any body do not have skype please download from this link: http://www.skype. com/intl/ en/download/ skype/windows/

This congregation is about NAAM JAP "waheguru" and NITNEM at Amritwela in India on Indian time only.

We have created a skype called panthkhalsa, Ahmedabad.

How to join:

Go to contact menu>search for skype users>search panthkhalsa>add>send. Thats it.

First, we will invite sangat who can join us for reciting naam "waheguru"

Timing will be:

1 am to 2 am first 7 days

1 am to 2: 30 am next week

1 am to 3 am all coming days.

Rules are as follows:

- Everybody on board first and only interested people can join this (A Humble request).

- Waheguru is the word for Jaap, This naam jaap will be based on SEHEJ process (First day, intro about sehej simran, how to do it)

- Disturbance not allowed, if we find any one who is murmuring behind, we will disconnect from the group, immediately.

- In the initial 7 days naam jap will be for 20 min. then next 7 days 30 min then 45 min.

- After naam jab, we will be having NITNEM (baanis - Jap sahib, Jaap Sahib, Tav prsaad Saviye, Choupai sahib and Anand sahib)

- All people are welcome.

- Suggestions and comments can be processed through emails - panthkhalsa@ khalsa.com And one important thing, if anyone interested to join this group then, please send his email id on panthkhalsa@ khalsa.com subject as: skype Amritwela, so we can contact them later about the starting day.

All this can be done on skype groups. First, we will get at least 5 interested member, who can start immediately without any query, Then we will include them in group called as waheguru on skype, there we can have sadh sangat naam jaap. This is just a initiative, we request to all sangat please coordinate with this and lets have naam jaap and nitnem every day at amritwela, if waheguru bless.

Please send your suggestions if any otherwise join this and lets start.

We will send an intimation email to all people about the first day.

We hope to look forward from all recipient of this email. Please forward this email to your friends also.





Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


for online chat:

panthkhalsa@ khalsa.com

panth.khalsa@ yahoo.com

Join Daily hukamnama and other gurmat news sms on mobile phone - totally

free seva

type this msg:

Join khalsapanth send to 09219592195 or 567678

Khalsapanth sms group thale likhe wak nu dhyan vich rakh ke seva kar reya heji:

Dhanasri bani Bhagat Nam devji ek onkar Sat Guru Prsad Gahari kar ke niv khudai upar mandup chae!! Markande te ko adhikai jin trin dhr moond Balaae!!1!!- (Ang: 692)

Arth: Jinna ne dungian nivan putva ke utte

mahal-madian us rahi uhna de bhee ethe hi rah gae! Tanhi-a siane bande e-hna mahil-madian da bhee maan nahi karde!!

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