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Amrinder Singh Ex Sgpc Member About Ragi Darshan Singh

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Dear Sangat ji,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji ki Fateh

I am narrating before you my first hand interaction with Ragi D Singh, this incident dates back about one and a half year back, when Ragi was in chandigarh to do kirtan at Ramgarhia Bhawan sector 27 Chandigarh, and he sang the shabad about dujee bhav meaning those who abandon the path shown by the Guru and tread the second path face the obstacles etc, after the kirtan one of my friends asked him to spare time for interaction, Ragi told that he was going to the house of Rajinder Singh of Khalsa Panchayat and that he should come to that place for interaction , though I was inclined to be face to face with Ragi but on the insistence of my friend I went along with him to the residence of Khalsa Panchayat president , by the time we reached that place Ragi was having dinner with his friends at that place and his plate was full of goat meat , we sat apart and waited for Ragi to finish his meals , he joined us and soon all his companions also came and sat with us, my friend asked Ragi ji to explain the meaning of Duja Bhav but Ragi being crafty enough inquired from my friend the basis of his question , in what context was the question being asked but my friend was feeling shy to tell him the reason for asking this question and both of them spent some time in this interaction with out any progress ultimately to get past the deadlock I intervened and told Ragi ji that my friend did not have the courage to offend you ,the basis of his reasoning is to ask from you whether the stones worn by you in your fingers come in the Guru Ka Bhaw or Duja Bhaw ,to this their was commotion in the room and all his well-wishers in the room were shell shocked after some time the Ragi replied that these stones were worn by him to cure his diseases , again there was chaos in the room with my fried inquiring which doctor advised him this cure ,I sarcastically asked Ragi whether these stone were got known to him through the parrot or he went to some panda to get his teewa made , Ragi was also loosing his cool by now and he said that even Guru Gobind Singh ji wore Jewelry ,to this I asked Ragi that while he was the Jathedar at Siri Akal Takhat Sahib can he recount the number of innocent villagers whom he asked to remove their worldly Jewelry and put the Kakars prescribed the Guru and can he give them a message that Sikhs can adorn any kind of ornaments , there was melee all around his supporter asked us not to let this episode go into the press we also asked them that hurting Ragi is not our aim but they should ensure that Ragi removes all these stones, to which they assured us ,and this is the first time I am disclosing this incident to let the Sikh masses judge who is who in Sikh affairs

Chandigarh India

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