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For Those Who Are Serious About Weapons Training


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I retain a small supply of training material, so just wanted to offer a service to any Singhs who train with weapons here.

I have rattan sticks (loose or in pairs with a made to measure carry case), Padded sticks (using thinned and more flexible rattan, padded and encased) – this is for more realistic drills without the risk of injury – although one can still feel pain, lol, aluminium training knives (small sticks just don’t offer the realism of cold metal against your skin – even though the knife edge is around 5mm wide), also can get bags which carry multiple sticks/swords and knives. Obviously the aim is to move on to live blades once you have achieved a decent level of control and confidence (and found someone who trusts you!).

Those are the common items, if you have any other requirements, please ask and I’ll see what I can do. Please PM if you have questions. I will try and post some pics soon.

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