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Which Shops Do Sell The Kinoow


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In the punjab i do the eat lots the kinnow fruit but i not see it in the england. So please does any peoples know where i buy kinnow like them having the in punjab and the pakistan. In the punjab my village i do eat the 10kilo kinnow every week when it the season time. Some day i not eat the roti or drink milk but eat the kinnow 3 time day 3 kinnow each time.

Now is the season to pick the kinnow in the punjab but i not find in the england. Please anyones knowing which shops sells the bestest kinnow please do the tell me. I do the try whaitrose satsoma and the clemenstine and the one name mandarines but they not being the tasty as much the kinnow.

Also anyone knowing does eat lot kinnow do you tooths decay. Someones tells the my friend the kinnow is the acid too much so it doing the tooth decay quick and make tooths get the bad decays.

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