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Whys The Lots People Want Sell Me Them Business


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All the days me and veera is doing the parade walking in the morning lots the km and in the nights time. But we having the problems in the nights time every days. Some roads the lots english girl do asking us hello darling you wanting the some business. So why the girl is the asking us to buy his business but only the night time. My brother he say he not know this and i now know this but it happen the every time night times the every days. One day a girl knock my houses doors and she look like the girls who do the asking you looking the business so i say him we not looking the business so please you do go away and she call me the big bastrad and say she do tell police we asking her for the business and she doing the collection in the charity company. I say her to do the get lost and her dad is the bastrad and not the us.

Why they doing sell thems business i asking the peoples if his business is the making big moneys then why the ask me to do buy it.Why them doing sell business in the berwick street is it being like the auto mandi ludhiana and them peoples being the agents to do business sell.

How thems people knowing we got some money and doing the sell all our farm in the mohali airport. Is the peoples checks all internet who do the land selling mohali airport and do the living london this days.

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