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The New Guy Fawkes...?


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And no, it wasn't written by me, lol. Author is unknown.

I Love You Bhai MarDaanaa.

I Want To Create the Greatest BonFire in the World.

Sneaking into Each and Every Institution in the Name of the Guruu, I want to Steal the FireWood.

This FireWood has been given the name Harmonium.

I am Afraid even the Fire will not accept this offering for It is This Wood that has Stolen the Rabaab from the Hands of MarDaana and has Grabbed the Sarandaa From the Hands of Guruu Arjan.

It is This Wood that Has Mocked the Saranghi in the Court of Guruu HarGobind,

And Ridiculed the Taus and DilRubaa of Guruu Gobind Singh.

Oh Fire, Please Accept my Offering of this Harmonium, and Make it to Ashes,

Burn it with Great Conviction, that another one Fears to be Fashioned Ever Again for use in My Guruus’ Home.

The Rabaab of Bhai MarDaanaa With Love Will Be Plucked in the Hands of the Guruus’ Sikhs Once Again.

The Sarandaa Will Be Struck With Inspiration.

The Saranghi Will Be Heard in All Corners and The Bells on the Bow will Amaze.

The Taus Will Echo and Kill the Negative Energies.

The DilRubaa Will Steal All Hearts.

The Joree Will Set the Rhythm of Truth.

The Pakawaj Will Drum with Conviction.

The Nagaaraa Will Beat Like Thunder and Victory.

Can You Hear It? Listen…

Oh Guruu, Please do not Make me Steal, and Steal I will Not.

Please Instill Love for Your Instruments into the Hearts of the New Generation RehitVaan AmritDhaaree NishKhaam GurSikhs and Make them Love Your Instruments Once Again.

This Time Do Not Take Away Your Blessings.

It is They who Will Bring Back the Glory of the Khalsaa.

We will Relish the Tenth Gate.

In Each House of the Guruu, Only Your Instruments Will Be Played.

Your Instruments In the Hands of Your Lovely GurSikhs will Fill the Audience with Awe, Inspiration and Love.

The NishKhaam GurSikh Keertanees will Be in Bliss. They Will Sing with Love and Prem.

We Will Once Again Be Inspired by the Tat GurMat Maryaadaa from Guruu Nanak to Guruu Gobind Singh.

Please Do Not let Anyone Sway Us From This.

The Thundering of the Tenth Gate will Rain Ambrosia.

Oh Harmonium, Please Leave the Doors of My Guruus' Home.

Never to return.

Please Take Your Cousin the Tablaa with you. Oh Chimptaas, Please Be Saddened by Their Departures, and Refuse to Perform.

Oh GurSikhs, Don’t Mind my Words.

I love the Instruments of the Guruu, and I love You Too.

The Marriage Between the Instruments of the Guruu with Your Hands will be the Most Beautiful Wedding Ceremony.

The Shabads from Your Lips from the Depths of Your Mind and Spirit will Quench All Thirst.

Flowers From Heaven will Rain.

Oh Fire! Make the Call for This wood, and Let Them Bring You This Offering.

For I cannot Steal.

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