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Help With Rest Api

Mr Sardar

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I have been working on a firefox toolbar which is an anti-phishing URL detector as per my previous post here


I want to now use the database that is here http://www.phishtank.com/developer_info.php

with my program, now I am confused I have found out it uses the REST protocol which does 4 things GET POST ... etc. which is a webservice and is supposed to be easier to SOAP, I think with soap you need to setup a webserver like glass fish or apache and edit that using axis set up programs and very long long thing to do, is REST really easy?

found this half useful tutorial http://www.peej.co.uk/articles/rich-user-experience.html and explaination video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L21y39nry8I

He said that once you get the XML document you just use cURL and XMLSImple, I know it will have to use AJAX to get my document.

But I have no idea how to structure this, the small segment of code needs to use ajax to take my variable URL (which might be google.com) send it through

to phishtank database, get a response in XML format or something that is decodable, and get its status so if it says its safe or phishing, if it says its safe thats Ok my code

proceeds webpage loads if not its blocked, im ok with this latter part, its just getting the information using AJAX and PHP on a browser end, does anyone have any sample code

.php, .js .html files which get something similar or could someone suggest how I could do it?

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