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  1. How far in ancient times was krishnas message spread across the world, he was known by the greeks as hercules could krishna's religion have been the religion of all of humanity in ancient times?
  2. Also there is this huge rise in sikh girls going for muslim guys while they do not even want to be with sikhs anymore there are muslim preachers teaching this.
  3. At the moment mandirs are emptying out, churches are as well, we are not so bad considering our population however mosques are getting filled up perhaps the media doing all these terrorist stories however some people are now doubting islam but they do not say it as they would get introuble beaten killed etc. Sikhi is a path of love not fear and scaring people into religion- however gurdwaras scare people and result to evil things. Such as khalistani people starting fights, commitee, so alot comes down to our generation to do things for our own kids and for ourselves. Also in the past going gur
  4. Yogi Bhajan had similar problems being thrown out of gurdwaras they would gather people together and sit outside guru maharaj used to give sangat just in outsides so we can even gather kids in parks in summer for workshops. Guru sahib took over the mughals by winning the hearts of others even though the mughals rulled the gurus had the heart of everyone. If the sangat loves one another starting from ourselves and family and local families/friends we can work upwards by starting small making friends in gurdwaras it is very easy to get into fights and arguments but we need the bani and simran ou
  5. I think the biggest issue sikhs and everyone else faces is the destruction of family values sleeping around, adultery and drinking is routing out of pretty much hollywood and the music industry alot of music these days from mtv are full of so much sex being sold and advertised all the billboards and posters everywhere people see things on fantasy they can not even get in there marriages or can not wait anymore. How do we protest against mtv with other religious groups and family groups to bring better censorship and direct there sales towards other genres of music because as long as this sales
  6. we can only put our hopes into 3h0 the goora sikhs to do what the punjabis failed to do. Yogi Bhajan was the smartest guy out of all of us and deserves alot of respect he could have made the difference in punjab if the sgpc let him and many others probably could if the sgpc let them, but as long as these selective racist group of people do not let for the change or allow a democracy and listen to others then we are stuck. How about getting twitter for akal takht. Thing is the media can change everything for everyone- we are not the only people with this problem, this has all sprouted out of mt
  7. Additionally how can Sikhs contribute to the world on a global scale of reducing teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases?
  8. VJKK VJKFji Hi I would like to ask everyone about what people feel about adultery and sex before marriage? Such acts are on the rise, I personally think one of the reasons is economy in the past sex before marriage and out of marriage was generally done by kings however not all kings did there were some just ones. The sikh misls who did this were influenced by mughals and hindu kings and even amongst them some did and some did not, it came down to how one feared there own God. In the past in punjab people did not sleep around primarily down to honour killings. In the west there is a sense o
  9. very intresting, so how did he deal with rape? Does anyone have the maharaja ranjit singh cartoon movie? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WuFju3Nrps&feature=related
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paolo_Avitabile this dude but did he just do what he wanted or was it under the ruling of akal takht or maharaja ranjit singh can not wait for your digging up of books also could you post what you find out onto www.sikhiwiki.org
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