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Detailed And Correct Accounts Of Guroo Sahibs

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gurfateh jee,

where online can i find detailed (i,e in order birth, childlife, growing up etc sakhee) of each guroo sahib

or any guroo sahib....

the details have to be correct... ie if poss don't want links to accounts where they question guroo sahibs powers and their avtaar etc (hope you get what im trying to get @|)


maharaj's kirpa!

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Check out the Suraj Parkash katha on gurmatveechar.com or gurbaniupdesh.org for audio; or you can read Kam's blog: http://sikhscriptures2english.blogspot.com/

or download Suraj Parkash from www.ik13.com

Listening to katha by a Mahapursh, or someone who has studied under a Mahapursh is probably the best source.

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