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Very Interesting Article On Native Spirituality

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In summary, Fools Crow was taught that while we are each given natural power at birth, we are also surrounded by spiritual or supernatural power. This spiritual knowledge includes the knowledge needed to obtain power and to set it in motion. If we wish to go beyond the natural power we were born with, we must entrust ourselves to Wakan Tanka, Grandmother Earth, and the Spirits of the Four Directions (Helpers) and then call in spiritual power from them. When we have made contact, we can ask them to send to us their individual spiritual powers to be added to our natural powers. We then receive the knowledge we need to understand what we have been given and the directions for changing this power into motion.

The procedure for receiving power:

* Purification - Becoming a clean tube for the Higher Powers to work.

* Using focusing tools to walk the Ancient pathways where we will find guidance in ways to achieve goals.


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