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A Better Alternative To A Punch Bag...


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Aside from a real person...


A Panam Wingchun Master I know uses this, it's excellent to practice on , you don't need to hold back, its great quality.

Best of all, you don't need to punch a hole in the ceiling (support) as it is stand alone!

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Veer Ji, with all due respect, there is nothing wrong with training aids, nor making people aware of them.

They do actually work/have benefits, especially for those who practice hard arts like various South East Asian and western fighting styles which rely on heavy stikes, open hand or closed fist.

Any real fighter, eventually learns that the higher 'softer' styles, which involve more introspection, will yield much greater benefit. Its not a competition, many people create a solid foundation based on hard training - with both people/opponents as well as training aids. Especially in traditional Chinese fighting systems, one finds a plethora of training aids - they serve a very valid (be it basic/foundational) purpose.

I doubt there has ever been a successful boxer in the last 50 years who didn't build a solid foundation on a punch bag or speed ball.

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