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Immortal Tech -San Article

Guest zulu

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I came across this link, I am unsure if someone has posted it up already...

as a big Immortal Tech fan I thought I would share it with you guys...

(I will move it to the music section soon, putting it on this section would create more views.)


Immortal Technique - 1984

With the rise of Hip Hop in the Sikh Community, a lot of us have been salivating for rhymes that disseminate emotions on the era of 1984. Political conscious hip hop is laden with lyrics reppin hood struggles, revolution and even Palestine, but the when it comes 1984, truthfully, we’re still afraid to say the K word and tell it how it is.

Granted, that there are connotations to the word that would make a lot of us think twice. But even then, aside from debating that one word, firey lyrics that rekindle a spirit of revolution and action are needed.

Well check it, just as you nod your heads in agreement (because we know you are), Immortal Technique of all people has filled that gap and stepped up to the plate.

Even though its only about 3 verses shortly after the 2:30 mark, for all the hip hop heads…. don’t even dare to lie and say that didn’t spark something inside of you.

PS: Before you watch the video, we’d like to add a disclaimer that the song is filled with profanity. Our motivation for posting the video is just to illustrate the power of music and how knowledge is spreading like wild fire through various mediums including the massive underground hip hop scene.

The Video

he did the lines a few years ago on a freestyle but NOW its on an official track

Hail Up Techhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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