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How much can we trust -Religious Albums?

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Alright people. I hope I can say, what I want to say :sikhsmile:

Relgious Albums- such as "Dhann Teri Sikhi" ..-Satwinder Bitti.. A great album, but what do we have to say about the artist.

Just in this case, Satwinder Bitti is not a pure "Sikh" herself.( I don't know if she had her hair cut before her accident or after)..But Shall the public really allow "Non-Sikh" people to produce "Sikhi" Albums. Anyone see anything wrong in this?

Well, I guess we can dismiss Satwinder Bitti out of here, Cuz I do understand she had an accident , but what about ..folks like Manmohan Waris??

Does anyone hear what I am trying to say?? ..I hope so :oops::oops:

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so if all non-sikhs are stopped for singing dharmik geets who will?

what about mohammed rafi, a muslim man he sang so many shabads....even nasusart fateh alli khaan has a shabad cd somewhere..

and what about bai lal chand???

thats wrong to say a nonsikh can't do that....some may do it out of love, some for money, but the bottom line is, it spreads sikhi

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I think that no matter who the person they should be allowed to sing dharmik geets or kirtan....it shouldn't matter whether they r muslim, hindu or non amritdhari...

It's a form of expression for the love of God....if they're doin it for money, God knows that too and is constantly watchin everyone's intentions....

It's not for us to judge, that's God's area....

If u like it and if u can sing along with ur mann to it, mate u'll be far along in the realm of the Lord....

It's about u not about the actions of others.....

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Yeah true true..Well, you gotta do what you gotta do to live. Well, it is well aware that the artists do it for the big bucks!!..And that is fact too..

But, its kind of hypocrytical...I am going to say it in punjabi..cause its easier for me to say...Like what's the point to spread it, if you aren't it..Like tusi app haini geh, per haje lokka nu dasde ki eda karo ja eda karo?...Thats what I mean.

Hope you understood it ..Once again

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My pyari Bhenji...

I completely understand u..... but to me, it's more important what I get out of the music, the ras, the energy, then what the singer maybe doin in his own personal life...

I think it's just a matter of perspective and for one to just focus on the music or the kirtan or whatever...

This world is hyporcritical, but we can't be bogged down by it.... Our religion teaches us to rise above it all...if they're doin sumtin wrong in God's eyes, like I said, He's watching...and in due time, it could come back...

SO bhenji, jus chill, and listen to ur dharmik geets and kirtan, don't worry about it...

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