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3 Years On, Family Awaits Justice

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Patiala, December 28

On December 27, 2007, the Kalsi family, living in their Model Town house, was planning a religious function for a prosperous New Year ahead and to pray for the safety of their sons. But destiny played a cruel joke and the same night they got the news that their two sons have been shot dead in USA. Three years after the tragic incident, the family still awaits justice as the killers of Kalsi brothers are still at large.

According to the family members, the Richmond police is yet to identify the unidentified assailants that shot dead the two brothers. The family demanded that the case should be handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as the local cops are still groping in the dark.

The news about the death of the deceased, Paramjit Singh Kalsi (42), and his younger brother, Ravinder Singh Kalsi (30), left the entire Kalsi family in a state of shock and disbelief. Even the mother of the deceased, Gurbachan Kaur, died of the shock in February 2008, a month after the bodies of the two brothers arrived at their house.

Sister of the victims, Khushdeep Kaur, weeps at the mention of her dead brothers. She said their entire family was ruined and they were transformed into mere “living dead bodies”. “The Indian Government has done nothing till date, our only demand is that the US authorities should be to pressurised to hand over the case to the FBI,” she said.

According to the relatives of the victims, the two brothers had shifted to the USA in 1997 and in 2002 had bought the Sahib Indian Restaurant in South Richmond. The deceased were also in the trade of real estate and were unmarried.

As per the Richmond police, the two suspects entered the restaurant and shot Ravinder. The suspects then chased Paramjit, into the rear of the restaurant and shot him before fleeing.

“My mother died of shock after the incident and no government official or politician has stepped forward for support. Our fight against the accused in the USA is difficult and we seek the support of the government,” claimed Harinder Singh Kalsi, brother of the victims.

“I personally went to the USA to pursue the case many times, but despite rounding up an accused in the case initially, nothing has been done,” said Singh.

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