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Sikh Parcharak-Flow Of Information

Mr Sardar

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Please watch this video on how information is passed along it brings about alot of insight.


I feel Sikhism has been passed down since 1699 by word of mouth as the 5th largest religion in the world that has undergone alot of genoicide on multiple occasions it has really done well for itself. The new information age as well as the reformations that have taken place have done alot.

What would you feel about the feasibility of placing libraries (or mini libraries) in every Gurdwara or at least even one possibly starting from our own local gurdwaras we can donate do dhaan of Sri dasam granth possible be even Suraj Prakash, Bhai Nand Lal goyas writings (rehatnama, etc.) Kabit swayie bhai gurdas ji, janamsakhi, ithias/history of punjab(12 misls- ranjit Singh), bhai gurdas ji vaaran, sakhis on all bhagats of bani, books written by Gursikhs, and many books on Sikhi and if possible even books on other religions and those books for gianis to use and if possible for other sangat. Gurdwaras stand as a point of parchar, to help all of humanity, to make people better people, to stop drugs, alcohol abuse, to make people better members of society and the world and should really hold as bare minimum such books, how would funding such a project be is it feasible and is it possible to propogate this idea. Perhaps proposing leaflets as well in every gurdwara for free. To overcome information scarcity.

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