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Punjab Pharma Company Claims To Have Created Anti-Hiv Formulation

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Punjab pharma company claims to have created anti-HIV formulation

Punjab Newsline Network

Friday, 21 January 2011

By Satinder Bains

CHANDIGARH: A Ludhiana based Ayurvedic pharma company Nixon Biotech Private Limited Friday claimed to haveinvented a wonderful herbal mineral immunity enhancer for HIV/AIDS to inactivate the virus without any toxic effect on the body.

Dr.Parveen Jain who invented the medicine said that natural aid immunity enhancer, a one of the kind product helps controlling the HIV infection by offering a unique formula designed to boost the immune system. The recent testing by National AIDS research Institute Pune report show positive results in inactivating above 80 percent of virus stain from the infected blood samples.

Dr.Jain said that product has come out as a blessing for many HIV positive people who have to undergo extreme physical trauma during later stages of infection. Dr.Jain said that she had conducted clinical test on 70 HIV positive patients and all of them have responded positively. She claimed the samples of about 90 percent of patients became Asymptomatic. About 8 percent patients felt much better and their weight and CD4 level increased in one month.

She said that herbo mioneral medicine also acts as general immunity enhancer. The common symptoms like cold, cough, fever etc which occur in the body frequently were relieved.

Ravi Goel Chairman and Padam Goyal Managing Director of the Nixon were also present.

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