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Resurection Vs Reincarnation?

Mr Sardar

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A key difference between Sikhi and abrahamic religions is the view point of Jesus return is resurection. however the early christians believed in reincarnation and sufi muslims like rumi also show they believe in reincarnation. We might consider reincarnation might mean many lifes in the one life such as us being dogs at somee time when in kaam or pigs when greedy. So has anyone looked into the gnostic mystic gospels of Jesus that may teach reincarnation as key. And backup or reject reincarnation in Sikhi and maybe push for resurection what are peoples views here?

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Additionally from sikhi perspective from sakhi of guru nanak meeting sheikh brahm- it may be derivable that even jesus himself is subject to life and death hence his teachings help us just like prophet muhammad to attain enlightenment, however compared to christianity and islam of jesus returning a sikh may be lead to believe they are not comming back and we have to learn from those teachings as in accordance to those faiths cremation would be wrong as they are supposed to wait in there grave until jesus returns.

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Sat siri akaal Sarbatdapala,

As I'm knew here, I am introducing myself through different posts.

Thanks for the inspirating post you sent, they give me this opportunity.

You know I am french, so western, and the way I've been raised, the way I live, the way I think, is influenced by judeo-christianity.

I never had a christianity education, I mean I received baptism, and that's all.

Almost all, as I grew up in a society that is influenced by the "wrong" interpretation of the Bible.

Experiences of my life led me to learn by my own, not only through books, but mostly through my body. I started to listen to the pain, to my illnesses, because I finally understood they are messages, the way our body talks the words of our unconscious, of our soul, spirit, heart ... these parts of us that can't talk with words.

Once I read about resurection. Something happened, something I couldn't understand yet? I just felt something through my heart, and felt relieved? I also read about reincarnation, and I had experiences like it could be a connection with other lives I went through.

Reincarnation explains me all this intuition and knowledge I am discovering, step by step, within my being. I think then, I don't have to learn, like I should put more beliefs into my mind, but I have to clean up my mind, and listen to what is left.

To image this, I will tell a true story. It is always how I do, talking from my own experiences.

I have a daughter, but with her father we split up when she was a baby. I raised her by my own, and as I was young and immature, this situation was very frightening for me. I couldn't tell this truth to no one as the grandmothers wanted to take my baby away from me. I had to hide my fear and so it changed into anger against my baby's dad.

The way I was thinking at this time was as a victim.

17 years later, my daughter was going a very wrong, and dangerous, way, and I couldn't talk with her anymore, she didn't want to listen to me. I was so afraid that she could die, and felt so powerless. To feel powerless ... that is the best time to meet God, if we give up with ego and control.

I did, and I prayed. I've been led then, and I started to look at my responsibilities in this story. I recognized then that I was still angry against her father. I meditated more and more, wrote some of my anger to let it go, and then, I discovered my fear again. I understood. I cleaned up this fear too, in forgiving myself ... I was young, afraid, I felt threatened, I certainly did my best at this time.

Then I wrote a letter to my daughter, to tell her I've been wrong in relation to her dad, and I really told her my truth. I also talked to her about love, the real love that was still here, into my heart. This letter changed her direction, and she's still alive.

This is to say that when we clean up rooms, when we take through away anger, resentment, revenge, the only thing we can see then in this clean room, clean heart, is Love. Because we are at peace again.

This is resurrection for me.

Reincarnation is related to the physical domain. Reincarnation comes from the Latin language, and means

re = again or coming back to the starting point

in = in

carne = flesh

carnatio = take weight

So, incarnation means that the spirit comes into flesh, into the material, the concrete. Re-incarnation means that it comes again, and again ...

Resurrection comes from the Latin word "resurgo", which means To stand up again, to recover, to reanimate, regain strength, regain your power.

Some experiences put us down, and we can feel very miserable, hurted, angry, sad and so and so. We can feel as if we are a victim. Feel as a victim can be okay if we don't stuck on it. There is then a time to open up and listen to the meaning of the teaching we received through the event. If we touch this teaching, or better, if we clean up the anger, the reactions, then we are touched by the teaching, the Divine teaching. Everything becomes clear, right, understandable. We don't feel like a victim anymore, we don't undergo through torments anymore, torments of ego. We recover, we feel reanimated, strength comes back and so does the power on our own life.

Resurrection is the abstract. It's an abstract way of death and re-live. It is about the death of ego, and re-live from the power of heart.

When we think about death, we usually think about physical death, about the "carnis", the flesh, the meat.

But there is another way to die. We can die to beliefs, which means we abandone them. We can die to arrogance, to vanity, etc, etc ...

I think we need to die to ego's power, and re-live to the power of heart, within the body, within the concrete, within the flesh.

That's unicity, I think, the real one.

The story about Jesus is watched as a physical event. A concrete situation. So, people are, scratching their head to understand the trick, the magic, the miracle of the situation. They don't think about changing the context.

Jesus talked the truth, and acted in harmony with his words (he was consistent) and when you do so, you disturb the others.

Children do that, everyday, they are so true, but we usually laugh and say "Oh my God ! He is so cute !", or worse sometimes, parents scold, hit him, or threaten him. It is a way to crucifixion. We deny the words that come from heart, from a spontaneous talk. A child can tell you "You look uggly, I don't want to kiss you, you stink. This means he can feel something wrong with you, with your body? You may be ill, and you are not aware of it, or you may be to hard with the people around you, in being rude and demanding, or hard with your own feelings, never telling them to the people you love ...

anyway, there is something wrong that makes your muscles of your face in a special position .. and you look ugly. It also makes your vibrations in a certain way, and you seem ugly. Beauty is a state; so is ugliness. Children can feel everything that is invisible to eyes, because they look at life with the eyes of heart : Innocence.

Jesus looked at lofe the same way as a child, with innocence. Not naivety. Innoncence. So, it disturbed the people who hide secrets, like wrong things we do against fraternity, against humanity, against respect, against joy, against harmony, against peace, against the well-being of each one.

With innocent eyes we can see the truth of everything, of everyone, we can see the light as much as the dark, and receprocally.

As Jesus could see the dark things were doing some humans, those humans crucified him, which certainly means they denied his words coming from his heart. they silenced his words, the words that came from his heart, inspired by the innocence, therefore the Divine.

A cross is a physical representation of a human.

1 - His vertical aspect : his animal aspect and his divine aspect, which may live in harmony together. The central point is in heart. It is where the marriage is possible.

2 - His horizontal aspect : his masculine aspect (Yang, sun, activity, day ...) and his feminine aspect (Yin, moon, passivity, night ...). The central point is in heart. It is where the marriage is possible.

Denying the darkness of our acts, because of arrogance, selfishness, ignorance, etc, is a crucifixion. We deny the central point of our being ; heart, the marriage, the alliance. So we can't find Jesus within us. Jesus is Kristos, Kristos is Sun in greek. So, it is the light we need, the truth we are searching for. Everyone can call it as he/she wants, and the different cultures gave the light a different name. Then, centuries after centuries, people gave to the symbols an identity, they imaged them as human, and started to compare and fight to impose their on truth : the truth of ignorance :D :D :D

So, resurrection vs reincarnation is that we need to go through, both of them, to understand the meaning of life, and to become a true human. We need to understand the concrete aspect as much as the abstract aspect.

That is my idea of the subject, and all of this may be wrong it's up to each one to verify, through his and her own experience, within both of aspects : concrete and abstract.


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