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Another Massacre Of 17 Sikhs Uncovered In Pataudi Village In Haryana

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Another massacre of 17 Sikhs uncovered in Pataudi village in Haryana

Punjab Newsline Network

Saturday, 05 March 2011

PATAUDI(Gurgaon): Another living paradigm of Sikh Genocide is uncovered at Pataudi, District Gurgaon, where 17 Sikhs were brutally killed on November 2, 1984 by a strong mob lead by congress local leaders.

According to Karnail Singh Peer Mohammed President of All India Sikh Students Federation, before November 1984 there were 30 Sikh families living in Pataudi but on November 1st, the Gurudwra was set on fire, the Sikhs of Pataudi ran for their lives, While one group ran to the safety of the village, another chose to stay in the local Hari Mandar Ashram. On November 2nd, a group of Sikhs went to their respective houses but they were attacked, and 17 of them were brutally killed that day.

The attackers surrounded the Sikh houses and started throwing petrol bombs into the houses of Sikhs. Men and children were beaten and thrown into the burning houses and women were first raped and then thrown into the fire.

The AISSF had earlier exposed the killing of about 60 Sikhs in village Hond Chiller in Haryana.

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