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Islamic Extremism Growth?

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What is causing Islamic extremism to grow today? Even after 1947 and the british stiring up hate between groups.

Today's world has shown a massive growth in islamism- islamic radicalisation which is primarily due to the vast amount of funding and money being put into the religions preaching such as islamic research foundation and many other organisations such as other networks with funding comming in from other sources such as the kings of arab countries and persian countries. At present moment for the asian region the biggest funders are dubai. The dubai king sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who was born in 1949 has increased dubai economy heavily with which dubai has ended up funding many other organisations through india, pakistan and afghanistan. At the moment the west has not started a war with him but he controls alot of oil and resources at present moment and is one of the world's most powerfulest figures a way on destroying his empire would be to stir up a war between sects and start a civil war or movement towards democracy his reign at this present moment is a threat to the entire world of sikhs, jews, christians, hindus, buddhists, taoists, and jains. In addition also the saudi king is responsible for such growth but undermining him would be difficult also the destruction of pakistan by a civil war is right around the corner so sikhs taking back all of punjab is possible and fufilling the ardas to have nankana sahib.


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