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Talk By Bibi Harvinder Kaur Khalsa


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I attended a talk by Harvinder Kaur yesterday, and have to say she was a breath of fresh air. she comes across as very spiritual, very calm/collected, sees the beauty in Sikhi that most of those born into don't (no cultural and emotional baggage) and giving gret examples of how she uses Gurmat in day to day life. Yes, very typical 3HO mentality, but from personal experience of having quite a few good Yogi friends, their personas are very similar, they create a calm and peaceful environment through their rehni behni, speech and actions, probably due to their great amritvela saadhana culture.

I would recommend attending a talk if you haven't, great for all, but especially cool for bibiyan.

Her Nihang Singh husband is obviously a great influence on her and very supportive of her, nice to see such a great mutually respectful relationship, especially in these times of high divorce and lack of understandnig of how to create and maintain a solid foundation for a marriage.

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