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When Students Who Failed The Test Selected For Job

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My brother is working in Software company and one of his friend told this funny incident which happened at their


2-3 years ago a scam hit software company came to their college for hiring.The toppers of Computer engineering college did not want to take job in that company.Their teachers told them "look we have so many weak students you just sit in written test of company and write your paper wrong and also help the weaker students so they can pass the test.As told by the teachers they exactly did that.But the Hr managers of company were smart when they checked the paper they find something fishy ,so they asked for marksheets of all the students.They realised that toppers deliberately wrote the wrong answers,so all the students who wrote paper correctly were rejected while all the students who wrote wrong answers were selected for Job interview.They were in real shock what to do as Colleges don't allow students which get job through campus placement to sit for next company until the whole batch is placed.

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