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Ramdev To Be Force Fed: Haridwar Dm

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Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi/Haridwar: In view of the fast deteriorating health condition of yoga guru Baba Ramdev, the Haridwar administration has decided to force fed him, Thursday.

The District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police of Haridwar are at the Patanjali Yog Peeth and are trying to persuade him to end his fast, falling which he may be force fed.

Addressing the media, Haridwar DM said, “We tried to persuade Baba Ramdev to end his fast, but he refused. We then requested him to at least take glucose as doctors have said that the glucose in his body is down to alarming levels and may cause irreversible damage to his body.”

“Though Baba refused to take that also, he has agreed to take lemonade and honey that will eventually suffice for glucose deficiency in his body”, the DM further added.

He also added that, “If Baba’s health condition deteriorates further, then we will do whatever is necessary to save his life. We may also force feed him.”

The magistrate also revealed that only Ramdev and his close aide Balakrishna are fasting, while all other supporters have broken their fast.

Baba Ramdev's fast for tougher anti-graft laws and bringing back black money from foreign nations, entered sixth day today.

"His health is going down. He has lost weight and is suffering from dehydration. He is not keeping well," Chief Medical Officer, Haridwar Dr Yogesh Sharma said briefing mediapersons after checkup.

Sharma said, "We have requested that he should take liquid intake like milk and juices. It will be better if he ends his fast."

Ramdev is set to announce the details about his personal wealth and that of the trusts run by him today.


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