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Sri Japji Sahib Katha


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Japji Sahib Katha in English. This is excellent. Wish more and more Kathakar can be trained in the west to impart Gurmat to the next generation. Damdami Taksal should set up their branches in western countries where western born Sikhs can train in Gurmat and become Kathakars and Gianis.

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On http://www.youtube.com/sikhinspiration it says:

The Sikh Temple

192 Chapeltown Road

Leeds LS74HZ GB

Katha in English of Sri Japji Sahib will be done on a weekly basis starting at 7pm til 8pm in the downstairs Darbar followed by a q&a session on the Katha that has just been done. Then at 8pm there will be Gurbani Santhea classes for 14 plus age group. All youth and elders should attend and make the most of this event on a weekly basis and begin to understand what message OUR Guru is giving to us and as it will be in English British born Sikhs will be able to easily understand the Katha.

That is, if you live in the UK.

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