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This is not a lecture on bravery or something like that. It is a unique mind game and let us show the Patience to understand the whole Idea...


These are the major five Vikaars (Maladies) as stated in Gurbani.

You must be aware that most of our acts are influenced by one of these maladies or combination of these but we seldom realize... We commit the same mistakes again and again without actually realizing... and the burden of these sins goes on increasing on our poor souls...

Suddenly an idea struck, why not make a forum where we could discuss our day to day incidences where we have been influenced by the above mentioned maladies. This would give us a rough idea as to what type of daily activities we usually do under the influence of these maladies... maladies...

Yeah! it sounds crazy and it is very difficult to confess our own follies but what if this gives us an opportunity to instrospect and improvise ourselves and also the others, who can gain a lot from such experiences/incidences.

It is really very simple. To start with we have the five anomalies Ego, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Lust.

eg. if we want to make a confession about an incidence based on Ego or Anger. Just do it as follows:

AHAMKAAR : I have to say about this and that.............

KRODH : I let loose my anger..............

MAYA : Today while doing this something etc. Etc.

And just post it.....

Rest of the Vikaars are dependent on these five only like Worry etc. This list can diversify. But here is one major problem and that is ourselves... Are we brave to enough to make such confessions...? Probably not but still we can try!! Yes we can !! :twisted:

Best of Luck

Bhul Chuk Maaf

Aman P Singh

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Guest Javanmard

please quote the vikaars in the original language. Translating them into English takes away most of their original meaning.

kam is not lust and ahamkar is not ego. Be precise in your definitions please!!!

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Thanks a lot Lalleshvari :) , the changes have been affected.

and for the conveinance of everyone, would you be kind enough to precisely define each Vikaar.

With firm Regards,


Aman P Singh

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Guest Javanmard

Kam in Sanskrit means desire (NOT LUST!!!) it's neither good nor bad. It's rather a driving force which enslaves us if we're not careful or which can be used as a dorr to wisdom if used properly.

Krodh in Sanskrit is anger but then again it is neither negative nor positive, it's a driving force as well. You can become the slave of it or use it for example in dharam yudh. In Bacitar Natak Guru Gobind Singh says how when he was wounded by an arrow he experienced krodh and pounced on his ennemies.

Lobh is the drive to acuire things. It becomes greed when you become its slave or ambition when you master it.

Moh is a tough one. It's attachement. Like all the other vikaars it becomes slavery if you are attached to th point of being adicted to something or someone but it can be a help as well. You can be attached to your Sikhi for example!!!

Ahamkar is literally in Sanskrit the "I-ness" or the feeling of being "I". Then again neutral but if you attach too much importance to it it becomes egotism but it can be helpful as well. Without a bit of ahamkar how would you achieve anything even on the spiritual level. Look at the examples of Sikhs who tried to surpass each other in the service of their Guru.

As such the vikaars are neutral. It's our attitude that determines if they become an origin of slavery for us or agents of liberation.

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Yesterday while having my lunch with my collegues, I was discussing about a person who had issued a notification in office that everybody should come to office on time or face the consequences but we happend to notice that he himself usually comes late and even after the notification he comes late. Now we were discussing on this. We were sort of mocking at him.

At that moment one of my friends told me to stop all this talk beacuse you never know, at what position he may be in future and we may be reporting to him in future as he is gaining higher in ranks at a mcuh faster speed that we are, due to favouritism in offices... you know...

So, I felt helpless and my pride was a little hurt. I thought I should share my this feeling with you all. I know its only a materialistic thing but still it hurts.

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