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Karam in Sikhi and evolution

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I have this question regarding sikhi. Its quite complicated so bear with me. If we are too believe that the first things living on earth were small plants and dinosaurs etc then these must have been types of "Junis" that our soul must have had to go through before we get human "Janam" and the ability to become one with God (ie manukha janam). Therefore these dinosaur etc janams must have bben a result of bad karam. How could we have had bad karam if there were no human forms in which we could do bad karam?????? :? Does this mean our souls originally took different worldly bodies in nanother world and not earth? I know its complicated but i would like some feedback. Thankyou

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Simran SIngh

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I asked this very question on another forum once. One Gursikh Bhaji said Sikhism supports the evolution theory. Also, it is possible that all life forms started off as 'amoeba' and evolved from there. This would mean we all started off from the lowest rung of the ladder as it were, and moved up according to our Karm's, also it makes sense to go from low to high, because the highest form needed to gain salvation is the human form, and naturally you would work towards the topmost level, logically thinking also.

Some Muslims asked me if God is All-Just then why would souls be in different forms from the conception of creation, ie. animals or humans etc. That would mean God was unfair as those souls would not have had a chance to build up their good Karms.

However, if we say we all evolved from a 'low' life form at a developmental and spiritual stage, then we all had equal chances of working towards the top. The souls with good karms reached human form, and if they then did not meditate upon the Lord, they moved down the chain.

Also, I would say that God only knows how creation came into being and how it will ends, according to Gurmat.

jaa karta sirthee ko sajai apai jaaney soi

God only knows how he created the world (Japuji Sahib)

Who knows whether souls were brought from other worlds, because there may be other worlds already created at that time, and those souls were brought here and put into life forms according to His will and judgement.

It's too difficult to comprehend for us mere humans.

Sochey soch naa hovei je sochi lakh vaar

Even by thinking lakh number of times, we cannot comprehend Him (Japuji Sahib)

Bhul Chuk Dee Khima



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