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In Pursuit Of Knowledge

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In Pursuit of Knowledge

September 11, 11:00 am

Event Details

As part of the stunning new Sikh exhibition taking place in London this summer - 'The Golden Temple of Amritsar: Reflections of the Past' - we are holding a limited number of special Sunday Symposiums on a variety of topics connected with the Golden Temple.

There are five symposium days in all, each on a different theme. These engaging talks by international speakers will provide insights into the history, art, architecture, martial culture and musical traditions of the Sikhs' most iconic shrine.

Theme of the Day: Classics

The day will include the following 2 talks (plus free lunch):

‘In the Beginning was the Word’

An overview of the incredibly diverse body of Sikh literature, from the spiritual poetry of Guru Nanak to the ballads of Guru Gobind Singh that inspired an empire, illustrated with rare and beautiful examples of Gurmukhi manuscripts.

Harminder Mann is an independent researcher and cataloguer of Sikh manuscripts based in Toronto, Canada.

‘The Sword of Knowledge’

A riveting examination of the fundamental concept of non-duality that lies at the heart of Sikh metaphysics, from the perspective of eighteenth-century saint-scholars.

Tirath Singh Nirmala is an initiated member of the Nirmala Sampradaya (the order of saint-scholars formalised by Guru Gobind Singh) and an author of two commentaries on classical Sikh texts.

Book Now

Places are limited so book your tickets now - tickets are available at gt1588.eventbrite.com.

Enjoy a full day's talks from £8.50 including free lunch.

Entry to the main exhibition is FREE.

Learn More

w: gt1588.com

b: gt1588.com/blog/

fb: facebook.com/gt1588

tw: @gt1588

Support Us

Please forward this message to family, friends and colleagues.

Best Wishes

The team at GT1588

Contact Name: Harbakhsh Singh

Contact Email: harbakhsh@kashihouse.com

Event Website: http://gt1588.eventbrite.com

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