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Poetry About Guru Nanak

Genie Singh

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Jado'n Babe Ne Mehar Dee Nigah Keeti,

Suke Khet Phir Jat De Harre Ho Gae.

Teri Choh Naal Pather Vi Mom Hoe,

Hath Vali De Khare De Khare Rah Gae.

Phiria Mecca Jad Mulla'n Iteraz Keeta,

Hosh Kazia'n De Urre De Urre Rah Gae.

Tainu'n Maarn Jo Aye C Lok Baba,

Pather Hatha'n 'c Farre De Farre Rah Gae.

Kaude Rakash Nu'n Nigah Naal Thar Dita,

Karahe Taile De Karre De Karre Rah Gae.

Kirt Lalo Dee Tu'n C Bhag Lia,

Poore Bhago De Raut Naal Bharre Rah Gae.

Sajan Thug Nu'n Sajan Bana Dita,

Pa'ndh Bhumiae Chor De Dharre Rah Gae.

Jado'n Sat Kartar Dee Vaaj Ayee,

Ma'nter Sidha'n De Parre De Parre Rah Gae.

Dase Jaan Na Tere Upkar Baba,

Thabhe Kagaza'n De Farre De Farre Rah Gae.

Jehra Paath Tu'n Asa'n Paraya C,

Poch Patia'n Paath To'n Parre Rah Gae.

Sanu Datia Bhavjalo'n Paar Kae De,

Asee Kande Te Neelam Kharre Rah Gae

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