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How Popular 'sikh' Is In Western Books

Genie Singh

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Well google have conducted an experiment in last 4 years, where they have scanned and digitised massive amounts of literature trying to scan all books from western English sources in which they created a computer program called ngrams which measured how popular a word is in a book in which you can see the cultural impact it has on something.

You can access it here http://ngrams.googlelabs.com/

More on this experiment in the video below

In addition please see this image in which I have shown what are the popular periods of sikh (sikhism) for which it captures certain time events. What is intresting is around the same time the same things are happening with other religions in some regions so social-economic reasoning behind them as well.


Please have a look and comment on the trends we find and how we can predict futures http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sikh_diaspora

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In the year 2000 many religions were booming really high, it makes you wonder fundamentalism rose or was the later fundametentalist events which took place conspiracies inside jobs to make the religions go down so as to keep governments in power? Is discrimination booming with harrasment and assault to sikhs even institionalised racism in airports such as in europe which gets brushed under the carpet with media show casing so many plots which give open doors to racism as was the norm in the past with jews and blacks.

Where the popularity was in the times of sant jarnail singh bhindrawale taking from alama iqbal's works he quotes such:

Indian Disciple- "thy thoughts has enlightened the east and west; What causes the downfall of the nations?"

Rumi - "Downfall has always been a fate of those; who refuses to safeguard their identity"

"God has not disgraced a nation, Till it is rescued by a saintly soul"- Rumi

To be the slave of a man with an illumined heart, Is better than to rule the ruler's of the land. - Rumi

Please find the datasets zoomed more into 1800-2008 looking at english(1million) datasets.


Which comes in the bhindranwale 84 era which was near a creation of a state after which it declined. Even in the humility of bhindranwale sant who would do so much sewa he washed kachera of singhs, did langar sewa, did reading and teaching guru maharaj and pothis. Which shows Bhindranwales importance in relation to Maharaja Ranjit Singh's so something interms of sikh raj was going well to fall however maintaining that course on a longer period is questionable. To produce a raj like Guru Arjan Dev ji had which went to Guru Hargobind Sahib from nothing to an empire is difficult to construct. So it is encouraged more and more people from here write a book, if anyone is reading this thinking of writing a book on sikhi sikhism sikh do so. http://oreilly.com/oreilly/author/index.html http://www.penguinbooks.co.za/publishing/publishing.php http://viney.com/free-ebook-self-publishing-guide/

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