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Sikh Man Wanted His White G/f To Convert To Islam


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Where the world is going?

Drunk man who threatened to slit pregnant girlfriend’s throat with Stanley knife unless she converted to Islam is spared jail

Kuldeep Chail, 47, made the threats about his girlfriend to a complete stranger he approached at a bus stop

Told shocked Mohammed Malik: 'I am going to kill her if she won't listen'

Chail given a nine month jail sentence suspended for two years

A man who threatened to slit his pregnant girlfriend’s throat with a Stanley knife unless she converted to Islam was spared jail today.

Kuldeep Chail, 47, made the announcement about his girlfriend to a complete stranger he had approached at a bus stop, who was so disturbed by the threat he alerted the police.

Chail told Mohammed Malik that he wanted his 'white Christian' partner to convert to Islam, but that she 'woudn't listen', before showing the alarmed bus passenger a Stanley knife and making cutting motions across his throat.

Suspended sentence: Kuldeep Chail was accompanied by his girlfriend outside Snaresbrook Crown Court

Chail approached Mr Malik at a bus stop in Ilford, Essex, and told him his 'wife' had a baby 'in her belly' and that he was going to show her some videos about Islam.

But when he appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court today it emerged that Chail is himself a Sikh, not a Muslim, and that he is not in fact married to his pregnant partner.

The 47-year-old - who was accompanied by his pregnant girlfriend at the court - was given a suspended prison sentence of nine months.

Chail's defence solicitor told the court he only made the comments because he was drunk.


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Prosecutor Patricia Deighan described Chail's comments to Mr Malik in the court saying: '...The defendant said: "...My wife is a white. She has my baby. She is Christian, the baby is in her belly.

'"I want her to convert to Islam but she won't listen. Today I am going to show her some videos about Islam."'

Ms Deighan added: 'The defendant then showed Mr Malik a silver and black Stanley knife.

'He then made a movement with his hand across his throat in a sort of cut-throat motion.

'He said: "I don't know if I will kill her, sorry for wasting your time, my bus is here, I have got to go."'

'Vile words': Kuldeep Chail (centre) was drunk when he made the threats about his girlfriend (right), his solicitor said

The court was told Mr Malik was so concerned he called police as soon as Chail boarded the bus on April 24 this year.

He was apprehended soon after and later admitted to having an article with a blade or point.

Chail's solicitor Kerry Moore said his client, who is from Ilford, had 'no intention to use the knife for a violent purpose at all.'

He said the threat was made by an 'intoxicated man', insisted it had no substance, and claimed Chail's traumatic early life in Kashmir had driven him to drink.

Recorder Karl King said Chail's 'vile words' had caused 'enormous concern and fear'.

'You used a personal problem emboldened by the alcohol to engage in conversation in which you made the most horrendous threats to your own partner,' he said.

Chail was sentenced to nine months in jail, suspended for two years, and also given an 18 month supervision order and ordered to attend an alcohol treatment programme.


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