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Dasvand & Emotional Blackmailing

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VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh,

I hope this topic raises some sort of constructive discussion here, where we can learn something.

This is a issue which is very close to everyone, as it involves you giving part of something which belongs to a complete stranger with whom you have no affiliation, most of the time this "something" is Money. Most of the time, only Money is asked for, very few organisations ask for skills of an individual, etc.

This is the case for all religious organisations, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Jain, Sikhi, Christianity, etc.

There is some sort of divine law which requires or in some cases warrants us to give to the needy and less fortunate.

I would like to discuss what Gurbani has to say about Dasvand, where this concept was mentioned, how it was born, who put it forward.

Some of the ways in which we are asked to donate are

- Donate your dasvand to

- Donate the Gurus dasvand to

- To attain Gurus happyness, donate to

- If you don't donate, you will be in Karmic Debt

- Sikhi will be finished if you don't donate

Another way in which it as this

How do you know that your dasvand will be used honestly, if it isn't then you will be held responsible and the bad karmic action will affect you too.

For example, we give money to a Baba (or organisation), but that baba (or organisation) doesn't use that money for the intended purpose. Because he didn't use it for the intended purpose, you will also be affected by his bad karmic action.

Now, lets say if you make all possible enquiries into where the money will go, you still will be held responsible.

In these incidents, YOU, the person donating, do not know about the hidden agenda of the baba (or organisation).


I first heard this from a Radha Soami in India around 7 years ago, where he was saying, if you donate your money to a poor man and he goes and drinks, then beats his wife up or dies, YOU will be HELD responsible. When I challenged him, he just kept to his line that you will be held responsible EVEN if you don't know.

After all of this, he said, So its better to donate to US as we will honestly spend your money.

So as we see, Psychological and Emotional blackmailing is used to make you feel guilty about something which "might" happen in the future. However if you give to them, then you are OK and NOTHING will happen to you.

Are these ways of making you feel guilty to take your money from you????

So, what does Gurbani say, specifically on Dasvand, Charity, Karmic Debt, etc.

Please Note - Sources and references must be given. No made up stories which are designed to make your feel guilty.

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