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Ganesha Kavacham

A Kavach is the armour that a soldier wears for protection. Ganesha kavacham is also known as the Ganapathi Kavacham, Vinayakar Kavacham or Vinayaka Kavacham. The Ganesha Kavacham asks Lord Ganesha to act like a shield or armour and keep away the evils of the world. It is a devotional song that is sung to praise the Lord and his exceptional powers. When one recites this prayer they ask Lord Ganesha to protect them and also to remove all obstacles from their path so that they may have success and prosperity. Lord Ganesha is known to be the supreme symbol of wisdom, prosperity and success and when one recites this prayer and remembers Lord Ganesha with a mind clear of all negativity, Ganesha is said to be appeased and showers his unconditional love upon his followers. The extent to which the mantra shall help you depends totally on the strength of faith. It is through absolute faith and conviction that one can get the maximum benefits.

The Ganesha Kavacham recital explicitly requests Lord Ganesha to protect the body, home, assets and overall existence. The chant is for both one’s-self and one’s loved-ones. And since it is a chant, it is available in many languages. The main ones are English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Oriya and Bengali.

In Ganesha Kavacham Lord Ganesha is asked to protect each and every body part ranging from eyes, forehead, skin, tongue, ears, nose, face, speech, smile, heart, legs, fingers, arms nails, etc. Ganesha is asked to protect from all directions namely north, south, east and west. He also askedto protect all loved ones, wealth, property, intellect and spiritual life.

Choose the language that you want or listen to the enchanting hymns and let your soul take a plunge into the divine world of wisdom of Ganpati.

Ganesha Kavacham Salutations to the Lord

Let the ever pleasing remover of obstacles protect my head,

Let the God who is as great as the sea protect my eyes,

Let he who killed the elephant asura protect my hair,

And let the leader of Shiva’s army protect my eyes.

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