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Khalsa brotherhood and jathabandi


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Sikhism had to unite people from all diff. castes, relgns, gender. But today we have a divided sikh society , and diff. withing the jathas are not helping us.

not many sikhs are doing naam simran ,taking amrit , reciting gubrani or keeping the sikh identity .but even the few who do have differences due to which they dont see eye to eye .

we speak of ego as one of the evils in the very same breath we speak of castes and jathas.

For some sikhs GOI is biggest enemy and others are patriotic about india.

For some creation of seperate state for sikhs is khalistan , but who will be the leader of that nation.Isnt it Sikhs duty is to serve the humanity and not be selfish.

So many akaali dals in india what good have they done , we speak of the current sectarian politicians of india. but india's problem is more than that and sikhs have to fight for those who can not find for themselves and not just for themselves.


most of the people in india are living a miserable life, and the politicians , including akaalis are corrupt. where do we find leadership to lead the khalsa.

We argue about babbar khalsa being a terrorist organisation or not, talk about nirankaris and about indira gandhi. But isnt it we should be looking beyond sikhs and our duty is towards all the humanity, when we do so all the insecurity that surrounds the faith will go.

we have to find right goals for the saint soldier.

As sikhs we are not doing our duties, we were entrusted by our guru.

we are worried if eating food prepared in iron utensils is important or drinking sura or which form of martial art is superior.

Isnt it this factionalism and differences in opinion are taking us away from spirit of Khalsa Brotherhood.Can we unite and fight the common enemy .

what would it take to make people think above jathas , dont we all have something in common which unites us all ,thats our guru.

i may sound repetative but i strongly believe that sikh has to fight and to sacrifice for a true cause and not have any selfish intrests whatsoever. we should be known as people who are representative of guru gobind singh ji and guru nanak dev ji , and we cant do that by changing the spirit of sikhism.

Isnt it high time we unite and speak in one voice so that we can speak for those who cant speak for themselves.

Wjkk Wjkf

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i very much agree with gsj, lets all put our differences aside, stop argueing over small things and unite as one khalsa, this yr is very important for all sikhs and we should celebrate it without any friction amongst each other, everyone should contemplate on the following shabad and show love rather then hate to each other

aa-ay mil gursikh aa-ay mil too mayray guroo kay pi-aaray. rahaa-o

Come, join with me, O Sikh of the Guru, come and join with me. You are my Guru's Beloved. ||Pause||

har kay gun har bhaavday say guroo tay paa-ay.

The Glorious Praises of the Lord are pleasing to the Lord; I have obtained them from the Guru.

jin gur kaa bhaanaa mani-aa tin ghum ghum jaa-ay. ||2||

I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to those who surrender to, and obey the Guru's Will. ||2||

jin satgur pi-aaraa daykhi-aa tin ka-o ha-o vaaree.

I am dedicated and devoted to those who gaze upon the Beloved True Guru.

jin gur kee keetee chaakree tin sad balihaaree. ||3||

I am forever a sacrifice to those who perform service for the Guru. ||3||

har har tayraa naam hai dukh maytanhaaraa.

Your Name, O Lord, Har, Har, is the Destroyer of sorrow.

gur sayvaa tay paa-ee-ai gurmukh nistaaraa. ||4||

Serving the Guru, it is obtained, and as Gurmukh, one is emancipated. ||4||

jo har naam Dhi-aa-iday tay jan parvaanaa.

Those humble beings who meditate on the Lord's Name, are celebrated and acclaimed.

tin vitahu naanak vaari-aa sadaa sadaa kurbaanaa. ||5||

Nanak is a sacrifice to them, forever and ever a devoted sacrifice. ||5||

saa har tayree ustat hai jo har parabh bhaavai.

O Lord, that alone is Praise to You, which is pleasing to Your Will, O Lord God.

jo gurmukh pi-aaraa sayvday tin har fal paavai. ||6||

Those Gurmukhs, who serve their Beloved Lord, obtain Him as their reward. ||6||

jinaa har saytee pirharhee tinaa jee-a parabh naalay.

Those who cherish love for the Lord, their souls are always with God.

o-ay jap jap pi-aaraa jeevday har naam samaalay. ||7||

Chanting and meditating on their Beloved, they live in, and gather in, the Lord's Name. ||7||

jin gurmukh pi-aaraa sayvi-aa tin ka-o ghum jaa-i-aa.

I am a sacrifice to those Gurmukhs who serve their Beloved Lord.

o-ay aap chhutay parvaar si-o sabh jagat chhadaa-i-aa. ||8||

They themselves are saved, along with their families, and through them, all the world is saved. ||8||

gur pi-aarai har sayvi-aa gur Dhan gur Dhanno.

My Beloved Guru serves the Lord. Blessed is the Guru, Blessed is the Guru.

gur har maarag dasi-aa gur punn vad punno. ||9||

The Guru has shown me the Lord's Path; the Guru has done the greatest good deed. ||9||

jo gursikh gur sayvday say punn paraanee.

Those Sikhs of the Guru, who serve the Guru, are the most blessed beings.

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