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Bhaskar Calling Bhaskar...


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Bengaluru: Hilarious as it may be, but he has been corresponding with himself for the last 26 days as an officer wearing different hats.

As the Inspector General of Police, Internal Security Division, Bhaskar Rao has to write to IGP, Training, Bhaskar Rao that his men from the Karnataka State Industrial Security Force need to be sent for training for which the date should be fixed at the earliest.

He then goes back to the office of IGP, Training in Carlton House and replies to the letter that he had sent to himself a day before from his office as IGP, ISD on Richmond Road with the training schedule for the KSISF.

In a letter addressed to IGP, ISD, Bhaskar Rao states that in response to “your letter seeking dates for training of your men we are sending you the following schedule as under. This cannot be changed…” s/d IGP, Training, Bhaskar Rao.

And when the communication from the IGP, ISD is delayed, the pressure on IGP, Training mounts from the subordinate officers, who report to him that there’s been no communication from the other side.

IGP, ISD, Bhaskar Rao, an IPS officer of 1990 batch, has been corresponding and answering to his official mails since August 1 when the government handed him the additional charge of IGP, Training.

“I have to do my work and there has to be consistency in correspondence. There are times when I have to dictate a stern letter to myself beca­use of the delay in res­ponse from myself fr­om the other office,” he said.

The government, faced with an acute shortage of IPS officers, has given add­itional charge to senior off­i­cers, incl­uding officers of the rank of ADGP. “We ha­ve to do our work. Some off­icer may soon be posted as IGP, Training. Till then this will continue,” added Rao.


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