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  1. It's part and parcel of British class culture that some people are above question and others are guilty simply due their station in life. One thing about people with no power is that they are reluctant to see the worst in those who rule them as the truth can be too hard to contemplate - that the lives of the poor and disadvantaged are subject to the whims of the rich and powerful. That is why this issue has been untouched in their society - no one had the will or power to see it through to bring people to account. Also in the last couple of decades British society has come the closest to escap
  2. Eh? Anyone know of the story of the Sikh spy who tricked a British regiment before the Battle of Chillianwallah? The story goes that a British regiment was marching down the road near Chillianwallah as part of the main British force when a Sikh officer started riding alongside them. Thinking he was from one of the Eastern Sikh States the regiment stopped and saluted. The Sikh officer inspected them, asked some a few questions and then ordered them on their way. The regiment saw him canter off in front of them before bolting across a field towards the Punjabi lines. It dawned on them what
    1. dalsingh101


      lol @ the big ass sweat stains on the police shirts. Time for anti-antiperspirants perhaps?

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      The amount of deodorant needed to cover their man-tits would cause another hole in the Ozone layer.

    3. dalsingh101
  3. It's all well and good criticising people of the past but it's not like modern Sikhs have overcome any of the previous problems that the Sikhs of the 18th century had dealt with. At least they went up to Peshawar, Multan, Ladakh etc, our modern lot cant even hold on to EP. I would like to ask the author and any other Sikh what kind of perfect society would Sikhs like to live in? The author seems to insist that money obsessed rich Jatts created an unegalitarian society. Which is true to some extent. But what was the alternative? Communism? The truth is there should have been greater sharing
  4. What does his religion have to do with it? I'm surprised he was paid so little by the British. Considering how other sources talk about how Maharaja Ranjit Singh liked to throw his money around his court it seems this guy was a politically motivated spy rather than an economic one. The fact that he got so close to the centre and there were no reprisals after the wars show how rubbish Sikh counter-intellgence/spying was back then.
  5. Yup, sounds like a groomed girl alright. In Canada of all places. It's hard to tell if it's her posting or they've got her account details and are posting from it whilst they have her doing other stuff. That happens a lot. When we had girls like this running around the UK talking about how Kaurs should become Khans, a lot of Canadian Sikhs laughed and slagged the British Sikh community off. Now what are you Canucks going to do?
  6. Nah, I tried goat milk once and it was disgusting so I decided to just stick to blue top. People have recommended buffalo milk to me as well as other ones like almond milk but I thought that's just what people like as they're Italian or our lot who believe in that rubbish about Asians not being suited to dairy products. I never had any problems or health issues with normal milk so it's not something I've looked into too deeply.
  7. If you live near an Italian food shop or Southern European store in London then you might find buffalo milk there, maybe even cheaper than the UK produced stuff.
  8. Come on Pali, dont be like that. Prophecies always come true - Maharajah Duleep's zombie is going to go to Russia one day and convince the Tsar to invade India and liberate Punjab just like the Sants said in the 80s. The 1880s.
  9. So where do we go from here? I guess someone's going to have to contact them and see what's going on. Do you think it's worth contacting UK Sikh bodies as they werent mentioned in the article? A lot of people dont know about this. That article is from 3 years ago, it seems not a lot has been done for restoration. I hope the PGPC arent just after tourist cash.
  10. Oh really, I thought the PGPC were still in charge? So why cant it be reformed if it did so well back then? They could organise this and channel funds, ask for specific help and bring people in from other parts of Pakistan. The old members cant all have died off. Is really just about lack of funds?
  11. I wont take anything personally but I want you to think about what I say. There is no malice, I am trying to cover all the corners here. You mention Gen. Zia but bare in mind he only moved Sikhs to Punjab as he needed Sikhs to control Gurdwaras and take them off SGPC hands. It was all political and with the blessing of the Pak govt. So how are you planning on getting the Pak govt on side? They may want to move but can they really just upsticks and move? How does this work in Pakistan? Will they have to reregister in Punjab? Will they be willing to live in Gurdwaras till accomodation ca
  12. 1. We cant let personal prejudices to come into this. If they dont want to give help, that's their choice but we cant shut them out. 2. But what about people who already live in the area they move to? Too many will cause friction. Paying people just to look after a Gurdwara wont work either in the long term as we pay not always be able to get funds to them. Could they live there sustainably? 3. I hope so. 4. They will probably want to stick together so consultation is needed. Where would they like to go? 5. Again, dont cut them out. If someone could contact some about this and
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